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June 14 Spotify Playlist

Que tal people of the internet? I’m pretty swell myself, helped enormously by all that NICE WEATHER we’ve been having. So much NICE WEATHER it almost makes you forget how completely MISERABLE the rest of the year can be. So let’s keep using CAPS FOR NO REASON and enjoy the blazingly sunny June Spotify Playlist I’ve thrown together for your earholes. Caution, apply suncream first, it’s a sunny one.

So much of that sunniness comes from Scotland’s ‘Prides’, not to be confused with Scotland’s Pride – which will probably be ABUNDANT once the Commonwealth Games get going. There’s also a great collab track with Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Diplo. And buried in there is a new Deadmau5 track, possibly sounding like a better version of Daft Punk than Daft Punk currently sound like. Quick, start WRITING IN CAPS AND NO-ONE WILL NOTICE I SAID THAT.