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Delta Sleep – Lake Sprinkle Sprankle // Debut Album out May 25th

spinkleJesus Bill! Delta Sleep are back! I was a big fan of their EP which came out almost two years ago, so admittedly the band had faded from my thoughts recently. But clearly they’ve been beavering away on their debut album, named ‘Twin Galaxies’, due to be unleashed on May 25th on Big Scary Monsters.

Clash Music is hosting the premiere of the first cut from the album to be set free, entitled ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’, and it’s a reminder of why I’m so fond of these guys. A little bit mathy and fierce initially, it skips into a more heartfelt¬† and open ending. Bring on the album we say. Listen to ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’ on Clash Music.

Delta Sleep – Management

Hey kids. I’m eating 5 day old pizza. It feels like a bit of a risk. You know what else has 5 of something? Not the new Delta Sleep EP, ‘Management’. It has six things. Sorry, six tracks. And isn’t quite as much of a risk (tenuous intro factor =5/10).

A relatively new signing for Big Scary Monsters, Delta Sleep fit snugly into the label’s stable. The EP features the mathyness of Axes with the frazzled gnarlyness of Gnarwolves. ’16:40′ is a free-to-download track which leads off the EP, and plays a coy little game of spindly guitars in the verse, then unleashing a ferocious beast of a chorus. ‘Jesus Bill!’ plays a similar trick to great effect. There’s a timid little bridge to the chorus that tickles along as either Glen or Devin (the internet won’t tell me who sings) “I’ll get by and I’ll be fine” before everything goes up to 11 (not days old pizza) for the chorus. This makes it sound like it’s a simple quiet/loud/quiet game that they play , but beyond Jesus Bill!, Delta Sleep show off that this formula is not indicative of what they can produce. ¬†There’s some nice flourishes with a loopy riff in ‘So Say We All’, and ‘Camp Adventures’ is a straight-up slow burner, despite me hiding behind the couch in expectation of a monstrous eruption coming unexpectedly at any point.

Have a listen on their Bandcamp, and if you like it, give em’ some money. It’ll agree with you a lot more than 5 day old pizza.