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Poliça – Give You the Ghost

The internet. Maaan. It’s great. What did we do before pre-release album streams? It’s like how I imagine whoever invented toothbrushes felt. No more brushing our teeth with rocks! I don’t know my toothbrush history too well, just consider me a troglodyte. Enough rambling.

What did we do before listening to the Poliça album on a pre-release stream for 4 days straight? Fuck knows. But it’s here, so lets celebrate our time on earth together.

Much has been said about this album already, by the likes of Jay-Z (he likes it more than toothbrushes) and Justin Vernon. It’s pitched in some madcap Bermuda traingle zenn  diagram between R&B – Autotune – Electo – Bass music. It’s one of those (plentiful) times when words don’t can’t do it justice, so check out the album stream here (until Monday) or listen to one of many of the standout tracks from the album below.