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Delta Sleep – Lake Sprinkle Sprankle // Debut Album out May 25th

spinkleJesus Bill! Delta Sleep are back! I was a big fan of their EP which came out almost two years ago, so admittedly the band had faded from my thoughts recently. But clearly they’ve been beavering away on their debut album, named ‘Twin Galaxies’, due to be unleashed on May 25th on Big Scary Monsters.

Clash Music is hosting the premiere of the first cut from the album to be set free, entitled ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’, and it’s a reminder of why I’m so fond of these guys. A little bit mathy and fierce initially, it skips into a more heartfelt  and open ending. Bring on the album we say. Listen to ‘Lake Sprinkle Sprankle’ on Clash Music.


Asylums – Wet Dream Fanzine [EP]

asyI have a decent pair of Sennheiser bucket headphones that spend the majority of their existence sat in the corner of my room, sad and alone, while I listen to music out of my tinny, crappy laptop speakers. Today I sat down, plugged them in, and decided to have a listen to all the music in my inbox. Fortunately / Luckily / It was meant to be that Asylums happened to be at the top of my inbox. I haven’t even got onto the second email yet. I’m stuck on this band.

Asylums hail from Southend, and release their first EP on February 23rd on their own label, Cool Things Records. Their DIY approach doesn’t stop there though. The whole EP is lyrically focused as an urgent attack on various forms of media, giving credence and authenticity to their entire approach. Plus, they make sock puppet music videos. So win-win.

Credo aside, they sound like something we’ve been waiting for without even realising we were missing them. Punk noise with no track lasting longer than 2 and a bit minutes, they come at you fast with some brutal rock and roll, but not forgetting for a second the need for a little melody. Like an angrier Young Knives, a poppier We Are The Physics…….these guys are going to huge, and I can’t wait.

The Hood Internet: Tryout (Dej Loaf x Spoon)

When Spoon returned this year with their latest opus (and this site’s #8 album of the year), early singles were sharp and snappy affairs, bringing to mind Spoon’s best work. But eventually we got to hear ‘Inside Out’, a dreamy, ethereal warm glow of a track that wasn’t particularly like anything they’d done before. And boy was it good.

Now The Hood Internet have been dropping some of that magical mash-up dust on the aforementioned Spoon track, coupled with a track from Dej Loaf that my ignorant self hasn’t heard before. But the results are pretty sweet. Have a listen to the Soundcloud embed below.

Charly Bliss – Love Me

Bubblegrunge, apparently. I stumbled across this rather tenously, due to listening to the excellent Alcopop! podcast, where reference was made to a Johnny Foreigner Twitter post raving about this track. But the more tenous way of discovering new music, the better.

So, Charly Bliss. What do we know. Not a whole lot really, and that makes life more fun. They hail from Brooklyn, have released a trilogy of singles collectively titled ‘Soft Serve’, and have three hilarious videos to accompany them. Love Me is the leadout track and is boistrously fun. Heavy riffs line the chorus, but twinned with that oh-so-sweet vocal which play together so well. The kids are calling it bubblegrunge, and I can see why. Super-excited to hear more from these guys.

Have a watch of the video below for ‘Love Me’, including a school bully who looks like Action Bronson’s long lost brother.

Honeyblood – Killer Bangs

Scotland, please don’t secede. We want to have the super-rad Honeyblood as one of our great new British bands. They are a two-piece hailing from Glasgow, with just the odd couple of singles here and there to date, but their newish track ‘Killer Bangs’ has sucked me in. The track features reverby / lo-fi vocals like early Surfer Blood, and a hooky guitar line that makes me think of Wolf Alice’s ‘Nosedive’. Stina Tweeddale (vocals, guitar), and Shona McVicar (vocals, drums) are the duo responsible for this funtime party of noise. The pair are currently on tour with the brilliant Courtney Barnett and are playing at the Dot to Dot festivals this summer, so be sure to check them out!

Cosmo Sheldrake – Solar / The Moss

Cosmo Sheldrake is some kind of cross between a futuristic wizard and a character you’d expect to see playing in a smoky old pub in The Lord of the Rings.

His debut single ‘The Moss’ for Transgressive has been floating around for a month or so now, topping the Hype Machine not so long ago, and it’s easy to see why. He sings of jabberwockies and grangle-wangles in his own intimitable future-folk style, with squelches of electronics tying the whole thing together.

Now we’ve been given the b-side to ‘The Moss’ single, and it’s equally as endearing and interesting. ‘Solar’ uses a verse from a William Blake poem called ‘I Rose Up At The Dawn Of Day’, and also features recordings of the sun, taped using a technique called ‘Stellar Seismology’. What’s most interesting for me here is the descennt into an instrumental electro jam for a good solid minute, showing that while lyrically Cosmo is able to paint some interesting pictures, he’s pretty capable of doing the same with his music. It makes the prospect of a Cosmo Sheldrake LP a very exciting thing.

Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

Well I was all set to write about a new SBTRKT track called ‘Highs and Lows’ that I heard tonight while cycling through a river to get home. However, it appears not to exist on the INTERNET yet, which is weird. So instead, here’s something else I heard while wading through said river.

It’s called ‘Delorean Dynamite’ and by the one and only Norwegian not currently competing in Sochi at the Winter Olympics, Todd Terje. Dude looks like a disco prince. I don’t think I want to say that much about it really. It starts off a little coy and Tron-like, before opening up and finding some ridiculous funk about 3 minutes in. That’s when I start to lose my mind. And fall into a river/zebra crossing.