Cloud Nothings are back!

One of my absolute favourite bands from recent times – Cloud Nothings – have returned from the relative wilderness of selfishly ‘recording music’ and ‘making a new album’. What bastards. But my incadescent and entirely pretend anger is abated by the news that they have shared a new track with the world! I’d like to think it was the reason Soundcloud went down for a little while yesterday.

Well, they’re making all the right noises of a band that aren’t happy with churning out more of the same. They’ve shed a member, but are still makiing gloriously lo-fi rock and roll, with a pretty instantly-hooky chorus to reel us in here. ‘I’m Not A Part Of Me’ is the first taste of their forthcoming 3rd LP, ‘Here and Nowhere Else’, due at the end of March on Wichita in the UK. Safe to say, I am monstrously excited.

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