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MYSTYRYS – Normals

Vowels are for suckahs, right? Except the letter Y, that fence sitting bastard. Hey! Here’s a new band (MYSTYRYS), and their first ever single (Normals). I pretty much adore this, which blows my mind when it’s just their first piece of music they’ve given to the world. Unfortunately, there’s no Youtube-y goodness, except for live versions. So you’ll have to trek all the way to the wonderful Bandcamp website to have a listen. But trust me, it’s worth it. If you like as many time-signature changes as scoops of ice cream on your cone, then this is for you. Plus, some dizzying guitar riffs and clashing drums. Lovely stuff. http://mystyrys.bandcamp.com/album/normals-shadows

Update: The next day a video for MYSTYRYS was lovingly thrown on to Youtube. Hurray!