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Horses Playing Harps – March 2013 Playlist

The usual collection of claptrap nonsense that I’ve been enjoying listening to in the last month or so has been thrown together haphazardly in a Spotify playlist for your pleasure. I’m particularly proud of my segue from the timidness of Daughter trailing into the ferociousness of Bring Me The Horizon.

Also included is a little trail of music that leads into new releases I’m excited for the world, and myself to hear. I’ve already heard the Peace album and think it’ll be a sticky in the brain-er, if that’s such a thing. Plus an EP from Axes is forthcoming, and a new Cold War Kids long length! Woop!

Boxed Wine – Dayglow (Why Can’t We Stay)

Judging a book by its cover is one thing, but judging a band by a name isn’t something that really happens. Let’s be honest, most times you’ll hear the music first, so band names are pretty irrelevant. However, while scanning a playlist a couple of days ago, one name jumped out. Boxed Wine.  Any band who would decide to name their creative output after such a thing clearly deserve my attention. And as it turns out, they make some good noises. Particularly good is ‘Dayglow (Why Can’t We Stay)’ from their 2013 EP, ‘Cheap, Fun EP’, bringing to mind the likes of Funeral Party with their churning bass lines and disco rock.

Have a listen below.