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Horses Playing Harps – March 2013 Playlist

The usual collection of claptrap nonsense that I’ve been enjoying listening to in the last month or so has been thrown together haphazardly in a Spotify playlist for your pleasure. I’m particularly proud of my segue from the timidness of Daughter trailing into the ferociousness of Bring Me The Horizon.

Also included is a little trail of music that leads into new releases I’m excited for the world, and myself to hear. I’ve already heard the Peace album and think it’ll be a sticky in the brain-er, if that’s such a thing. Plus an EP from Axes is forthcoming, and a new Cold War Kids long length! Woop!

Daughter – Youth (Love Thy Brother Remix)

Well, this horse can be a bit pernickity about remixes generally. These days it seems pretty easy to slap a bass wobble on a track and think of yourself as some kind of magician. But don’t let this fool you, when a remix is done right, it is a beautiful thing.

So today we have something insanely charming and wondrous for you. A sweet, warming, fulfilling remix of the brilliant Daughter. I stumbled across their stuff (it’s effectively two people) on the Bandcamp website last year. They make blindingly beautiful, timid and delicate sounding music. I then got a chance to see them live while reviewing a Benjamin Francis Leftwich gig in Oxford. The lead singer has this wonderfully endearing shyness, but unfortunately the venue and the noisy / disrespectful crowd managed to overpower them. But here is a remix full of verve, electricity, and it just gels together so well with the original track. It’s just brilliant. Have a listen below.