Charly Bliss – Love Me

Bubblegrunge, apparently. I stumbled across this rather tenously, due to listening to the excellent Alcopop! podcast, where reference was made to a Johnny Foreigner Twitter post raving about this track. But the more tenous way of discovering new music, the better.

So, Charly Bliss. What do we know. Not a whole lot really, and that makes life more fun. They hail from Brooklyn, have released a trilogy of singles collectively titled ‘Soft Serve’, and have three hilarious videos to accompany them. Love Me is the leadout track and is boistrously fun. Heavy riffs line the chorus, but twinned with that oh-so-sweet vocal which play together so well. The kids are calling it bubblegrunge, and I can see why. Super-excited to hear more from these guys.

Have a watch of the video below for ‘Love Me’, including a school bully who looks like Action Bronson’s long lost brother.

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