Cosmo Sheldrake – Solar / The Moss

Cosmo Sheldrake is some kind of cross between a futuristic wizard and a character you’d expect to see playing in a smoky old pub in The Lord of the Rings.

His debut single ‘The Moss’ for Transgressive has been floating around for a month or so now, topping the Hype Machine not so long ago, and it’s easy to see why. He sings of jabberwockies and grangle-wangles in his own intimitable future-folk style, with squelches of electronics tying the whole thing together.

Now we’ve been given the b-side to ‘The Moss’ single, and it’s equally as endearing and interesting. ‘Solar’ uses a verse from a William Blake poem called ‘I Rose Up At The Dawn Of Day’, and also features recordings of the sun, taped using a technique called ‘Stellar Seismology’. What’s most interesting for me here is the descennt into an instrumental electro jam for a good solid minute, showing that while lyrically Cosmo is able to paint some interesting pictures, he’s pretty capable of doing the same with his music. It makes the prospect of a Cosmo Sheldrake LP a very exciting thing.

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