HPH Spotify playlist – Nov 2012

Yes, it’s that time again! The almost-monthly collection of musical nonsense in Spotify playlist format! Hurray!

Eleven tracks for your listening pleasure this month. Although Spotify will only let me display eight tracks in the little box do-dah down there. Cheeky buggers. So somehow I completely missed the news that Hundred Reasons had reformed to do a couple of shows recently. To make up for this pejorative crime against my soul, one of my favourite tracks of theirs leads the way this month.

There’s a little more retrospective action too with an old Postal Service song I rediscovered this week. But, like my sock draw, we must keep things fresh, so there’s some exciting new stuff from Joey Bada$$, The 1975 (although this track was floating around when they were ‘The Big Sleep’, that band has had more name changes than I have pairs of socks), Ra Ra Riot and Chad Valley.

(This post is a little sock-heavy. Guess who just did some washing. Rock n’ Roll!)

Finally, some Gunning For Tamar (a HPH interview with them soon) and, apologies, but I snuck a Christmas song in there. In my defense, it is the greatest Christmas song of them all. Thanks Sufjan Stevens.

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