Dude York – And Andrew Too

A new find for me, for you, and for your friends too. Dude York make scraggly, fuzzy rock n’ roll that just sounds so good. ‘And Andrew Too’ is a track that sounds like it’s been filtered through a thick woolen pair of socks, but instead of filtering the sound, in this weird universe I inhabit, it makes it sound thick and fluffy.

So what’s fuzzy about it? Nye on everything. Jerky vocals, wiry guitars, we barely even get percussion but for the shake of a well-timed tambourine and a drum beat low in the mix. But I love it. And the video for this track has been up since last summer, and only has 750 views. What is wrong with you internet???!!! ‘And Andrew Too’ comes from their ‘Escape From Dude York’ EP, and is well worth a listen. Have a listen to ‘And Andrew Too’ below.

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