Ms Mr – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

By the magic of the internet, this post will hit the internet at, say, 1pm tomorrow. It’s more fitting than if I post it right now, on a rainy Thursday evening. This track that I’m about to ramble on about is full of all kinds of 80s sunshine. Granted, tomorrow we won’t be sunny, this is Spartaaaa England. And it won’t be the 80s, this isn’t New Zealand (sorry New Zealand, but you know it’s true).

Anyway, here comes a Chvrches remix of a track by Ms Mr, whose debut album ‘Secondhand Rapture’ is out next Monday and is currently streaming on The Guardian site. 

But I adore this remix. The original track leads off the album, and is a little more dark and echoey. But Chvrches have gone and shot some kind of electro-sun-synth gun at it, turning it into something really quite brilliant. The chorus power-keys conjures an image of some 80s/Breakfast Club film resolution soundtrack for me. Who knows. And that long electro beat that flips about at the start of most of the 4/4’s. Tchhhhhh. Anyway, it’s nice to see Chvrches put this kind of spin on a record, as it widens the expanse for what their debut LP could sound like.

Happy Friday!

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