December 2013 Spotify Playlist

What’s up Planet Earth. Good weekend? I’ve been snootily browsing a few ‘Best Albums of 2013′ lists, and as usual I’m annoyed by how early they get published. Some were out in November. I mean, come on! Since then we’ve had a new Childish Gambino album (a strong 6/10 for me) a new flippin’ Beyonce album (which admittedly I haven’t listened to yet). I may end up trying to figure out my top 10 at some point during the holidays (hold tight for that fans), but what’s waaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting is to use the arbritrary time event caused by the speed of the earth’s orbit around the sun is to look ahead to 2014. And so that’s where the Horses Playing Harps December 2013 playlist handily comes in.

I’ve made one playlist every month this year, but I think this is my favourite to date. It’s jam packed with all sorts of exciting bands and artists, so dive in and see what you think. And if you like it, follow me on Spotify, by clicking HERE! for plenty more brand new playlists next year.

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