Danica Hunter – When Will The Love Begin

Sundays. Invented by a Deity for lying around and doing nothing, nursing hangovers, and watching bad movies. I’ve done most of these already today, but I’m now attempting to be productive for a change. This means tearing through a whole raft of PR emails laying dormant in my poor inbox, and I stumbled across this. Danica Hunter hails from Henley-On-Thames, and has a debut EP out called Lies & Butterflies.

It took about 20 seconds of opening track ‘When Will The Love Begin’ for me to be sold. First up, the production is slick – we’ve got a vocal being looped and trumpets jumping on board, creating a soulful and laid-back hip-hop atmosphere. Then Danica starts to sing, with a voice that fits so well into what’s happening around her. It’s soulful, full of emotion, and completely captivating. It seems no coincidence that she shares a manager with Maverick Sabre, another artist ploughing a similar furrow of retro-soul updated with modern flourishes.

Danica describes the EP as being about “the journey from pain to reward – from teenager to young adult,” and she seems more restless than most in what she writes about. But then again we all have that restlessness inside us, it’s just that my 5-track EP would be about much I miss that pizza I just finished eating.

While I pass out from the aforementioned pizza-induced coma, have a listen to the rest of Danica’s EP through the Bandcamp widget below, and try to catch her before she explodes.

One response to “Danica Hunter – When Will The Love Begin

  1. I just listened to it, can’t wait to hear her first album. I just love these songs

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