The Music – Karma

So here we all are. Patiently waiting for January to actually get going, so we can start hearing some of the exciting new albums we’ve been waiting so long for. I’ve reviewed the new Joy Formidable album that comes out in a couple of weeks  for a magazine, but otherwise I’m all dried up. 2012 was pretty brilliant but I’m ready for the new.

That’s why, in this slight lull in action, like a half time orange break, I’m venturing back into my archives. One of those things I returned to today has been able to spur me on, as it sounds as fresh as it always does.

The Music were a strange band. At first, they were a kind of tripped-out psychedelic rock band, then with tracks like ‘Strength in Numbers’, they seemed to become every skinheads favourite. Either way, they’ve long since been one of my stalwarts that I often find myself returning to. One of my favourite tracks of their’s is one of their earliest, a track called ‘Karma’ from their 2001 EP, You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me. It starts off being very much wrapped up in the aforementioned trippy vibe, before the guitar and drums get mangled up in the loopyness of it all. Have a listen below.

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