So, new year, new start. Horses Playing Harps has been running for a year or so now, and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed doing. It works as a handy outlet for me to write about different musical things that pop up on my horizon. The work I do for other sites is obviously led by what we get sent to review. In the last year on this site, I’ve been able to write about some of my favourite new things, like AlunaGeorge // Tall Ships // Miguel // Alarm Bells // Castrovalva // MYSTYRYS // Bwani Junction, and plenty more.

While I intend to keep up that side of the site as before, I want to expand the focus and direction of this site to incorporate unsigned artists and bands. There’s something so exciting in burying oneself under a pile of music that you’ve never heard before, playing your way through it, and unearthing something unique and incredible. So this unsigned section will essentially be used to champion the best unsigned music that gets thrown in my direction. By and large, I’ll be using social media to bring it in, but I’ll be on my bike gallivanting through sites such as the wonderful Bandcamp to try to dig out more.

There will be a monthly round-up of the best unsigned music I’ve heard in the last month, and the very best will be singled out with unique reviews where I rant and rave about how brilliant they are.

For any unsigned bands or artists reading this, my contact details are in the contact tab at the top, or you can leave a comment on this post directing me where to go (hell, myspace, etc).

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