Unsigned #1

After a snowy, somewhat internet neglected time in Germany last week , I managed to fight my way back to Heathrow, minus my missing luggage (thanks Lufthansa), and ensconced myself away from people getting a bit too panicky about THE ATTACK OF THE FROZEN WATER that the UK recently faced. Well, now it’s melted and a torrent of dead snowmen are heading to a flooded river near you. But anyway, onto the reason we’re all here. Unsigned music!

Well, I’ve been sent a veritable orgy of music, as well as stumbling across some other stuff on my own mystical journey. So now it’s time to pick my way through and talk about some of my favourites.

The Ugly Club – You Belong To The Minutes

Far and away the best music I’ve been sent. This isn’t to do a disservice to everyone else, but The Ugly Club’s album You Belong To The Minutes sounds so complete, polished and, most importantly, so good. They’re able to showcase a great depth and variety in their arrangements on each track. Occasionally there’s a surprising burst of trumpet that adds to the pre-existing alt rock + keys formula. ‘Wasted On You’ is  just such a track, with an enjoyable enough opening gambit, before a flutter of trumpet helps lift the chorus. Have a listen to another great track, ‘Loosen Up’, below.

You can hear the album for free on their Bandcamp page, or buy the album on a pay as much as you want deal, as long as it’s more than $1!

Heartbeeps – Burning Ghat

I stumbled across Heartbeeps like how one may stumble drunkenly out of a cab at 3 in the morning, so probably best not to explain. This is just a fun little track showing the ridiculous things you can do with a keyboard, seemingly. I mean, I don’t know much about keyboards, or anything really. But this a jerking, jumpy fun  slice of pop that makes me think of Kirk Spencer’s excellent Hota Hai with its Asian sound (minus the dubstep wobbles, obviously).


Stuart Newman – Feel The Temperature Rising

The most instant thing you’ll hear is the voice. There is no doubt that it is interesting and unique, but with the likes of Wild Beasts and Alt-J, we shouldn’t spend too much time getting hung up on its unusualness. The one thing that I would say is that it lends itself well to the atmosphere of the track. It’s has a broody lo-fi feel which opens up for a more punchy and driving chorus. Well worth a listen.

End Of Neil – The Ocean Is My Guide

An acoustic track from the Scottish artist End Of Neil. He’s got a great sounding voice and the double tracking in the chorus really helps to add a layer of intrigue. However, the chorus is  repeated probably a few too many times at the end, but the desolate snowy video adds a nice touch.


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