HPH September Spotify Playlist

There is a ridiculous amount of brilliant new releases floating about right now. And best of all, festival season is over! Bands are back on tour  in cities, instead of £200 muddly fields! Huzzah!

Here’s September’s Spotify playlist. It’s a doozy. Leading it off is the excellent Temples, soon to be playing at the sure-to-be-wonderful Gathering Festival, coming up in October in Oxford. And whaddaya know, so are Waxahatchee!

So on the topic of new releases (which we weren’t, really), The 1975, The Weeknd, King Krule and letlive. all have fairly new releases. Some of my own personal highlights from those records are here.

Released today is The Naked and Famous’ second LP, ‘In Rolling Waves’. I’ve given it a couple of listens already and I’m already a little amarous over it. It’s interesting that it’s been released on the same day as the 3rd MGMT record. Both bands had debut albums with a couple of big singles on. MGMT followed up by going completely off-piste, and doing their best to avoid accidently including anything remotely resembling a hook. Thankfully, The Naked and Famous have created something really compelling with this record. It doesn’t have the standout singles like before, but it feels like more of a complete record for it. It’s filled with subtle naunce, and some beefy breakdowns.

So basically I’m a fan. Have a listen to this and more in the playlist.

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