Banks – This Is What It Feels Like

Thursday night, and I’m supposed to be writing a review of a live show I saw on Tuesday. Instead, I’m drinking rum, playing poker, and stumbled across this absolute monster of a track from one of the big ‘ol buzzy artists of the moment, Banks.

The L.A. native has recently released an E.P. entitled ‘London’, containing the track ‘This Is What It Feels Like’. She has a smooth, rangey voice that plays well, but it’s the production that’s really catching me. A little digging around tells me the production for this track was done by Lil Silva AND Jamie Woon. Let’s just call that a dream team. I love Jamie Woon’s solo stuff, but this makes me want him to stop working for himself, forever. Sorry Jamie.

It’s a soulful little thing, but it has this scuzzed-out and shady bass line that just lurks in the underbelly of the whole thing. It gurgles and weaves in and out of view, like a horror-movie villain lurking in the shadows. I want to end this post with three letters, and three letters only. Oof.

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